That Seal Was Real

January 8, 2012 3:00 am
Unborn child just a ‘parasite’? Cutting edge science shows fetal cells heal mother for life



The phenomenon described in this nontechnical and highly biased article is called microchimerism and has not been documented extensively in humans. To date, the only extensive research into microchimerism has been performed in mice, which leads to zero conclusions about its function or even presence in humans. And if all the claims in this “article” are correct, a fetus still maintains a parasitic relationship with the pregnant person because it cannot survive without leeching off the host, and the host receives no appreciable benefit from the relationship (especially not any benefit that overrides the harmful effects of pregnancy)

This is also not breaking news. Biologists have known about microchimerism for years; however, there is very little evidence to suggest that pregnancy is beneficial in humans. Additionally, there is some (but again, little) evidence that suggests that the microchimeric state is harmful to the pregnant person.

Pregnancy is dangerous by its own right- almost half of all pregnant people in the U.S. experience maternal* morbidity. When you add in the exchange of cells between potentially incompatible organisms, the potential for harm to the pregnant person grows higher.

This “article” is offensive on multiple levels: for one, it is a tool for the anti-choice movement to erase the experiences of pregnancy. “Oh look, some stray cells MIGHT find their way to the right organ and MIGHT help you ward off heart disease or cancer. Maybe. That totally makes up for nine months of gestation, labor, and childbirth, right?”

It is also offensive in the way that all anti-choice propaganda is offensive: it fails to recognize that fetuses do not have special rights that allow them to hijack another person’s body. Until the anti-choice movement attempts to make living organ donation mandatory, they don’t have a leg to stand on.

BOOM, truth bombs all over this anti-choice bullshit.

In other words, YES, IT’S STILL A PARASITE!

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