That Seal Was Real

March 12, 2012 2:24 am March 9, 2012 10:55 am

On Kony 2012


Disclaimer: This is almost verbatim what I posted on Facebook moments ago for those of you who have access to my feed. Still, I thought it was relevant here as well.

If I see one more #kony2012 post, I think I might explode from rage. Enough of this white man’s burden, neo-imperialist bullshit already. Invisible Children is a charlatan group that makes a spectacle of human suffering and spends significant portions of its revenues sending affluent white kids with savior complexes to Africa. You want to start a real conversation about Africa? Let’s talk about the way in which the very mentality that organizations like IC perpetuate (“If we [white Westerners] don’t intervene [even militarily], then nothing will get done”) has contributed to the economic devastation that allowed fanatical rightwing groups like the Lord’s Resistance Army to flourish in the first place. Educate yourselves, and check your privilege before you clutter my dash next time (there are many notable exceptions, of course, and I’m grateful to my fellow leftists for bringing some sanity to the discussion). Please and thank you.

I didn’t even consider this aspect in my severe consternation with this entire kerfuffle, but it really does sting of the “save the savages” mentality of the nineteenth-century imperialists.

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