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Abrahamic God


Bit of an iffy one for a history blog, but considering what an effect the Abrahamic God has had on humanity, certainly seems fair game:

  • Obliterates two entire cities that fall foul of his rules - we can presume the children of the cities were innocent of sodomy, right? Won’t be the last time cities are condemned for their ‘sins’ and used as examples - ‘Nice idea God! mind if we use that one?’ [1,2]
  • Promises never again to attempt to wipe out humanity… Umm, thanks? You’re benevolent, right? You probably shouldn’t be having to make this sort of promise. Also, he did still wipe out like 99.999% of humanity. ‘I left a family alive, can you feel the warm glow of benevolence?’. This sounds like an abusive relationship to me, I think we need to get out of it.‘I’ll never hurt you again, promise’
  • Has a chosen people - if you’re the sole creator of the universe, all that ever is and ever will be, it’s a bit mean to go ‘see those guys over there? They’re my VIPs, only they get the rulebooks. You guys over here? You don’t get the rulebook - you’re still being judged by the rules though…’ Shouldn’t you be a bit more… universal?
  • Continually sends his message to the exact same bit of earth. Seriously, God - China? America? Europe? Africa? Instead of touching down on the same bit of land again and again, why not touch down with the message all over the world? I don’t think the ‘I’m going to have a chat with some guy in the Arabian desert and he can save the world’ tactic is really working… You’ve done it a lot.
  • I’ll put this as delicately as I can, he’s not the best at protecting his chosen people. It’s a bit like having a earthworm as a guard-dog. I mean, the presence is there, but he’s not exactly putting in the hours. I mean - what are the perks to this?
  • Gives a bit of a muddled message - to me ‘don’t worship other gods before me’ isn’t the same as ‘there are no other gods, it’s just be up here, you’re worshiping me because that’s all there is. Deal with it’.

I really don’t think he’s been a good example for humanity to follow - frankly, he’s got anger issues. Desperate need to be loved, lashes out erratically… maybe a case of celestial manic depression?

Give me Artemis any day.

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Of course it’s not always a set rule, but chances are….


Of course it’s not always a set rule, but chances are….

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I may have posted this before but is certainly worthy of being a classic.


I may have posted this before but is certainly worthy of being a classic.

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Alright, then. Let me rephrase this.



It really annoys me when Atheists get all angry about Muslims and Christians shoving their beliefs down people’s throats, but yet, they always tell us that “God isn’t real!” or we’re dumb for believing in that stuff. Why do you care? Why does it matter to you that we believe in God? Everybody has different beliefs. Atheists don’t have beliefs, I understand that. I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear in my last post. I am Islamic, and NEVER in my life have shoved my beliefs down ANYONE’S throat. My way of life: You respect me, and I will respect you. Me as in ALL of me. Religion and all. And I only used “That awkward moment” in a joking way. Life isn’t all serious, you know.

I think part of it (and this is coming from personal experience and observation of various atheists among my friends and family) is that religion is assumed into everything. Religion is on my television and in my school, it’s in the laws of my country, it influences my political representatives, it’s subtext in most of the books I read, it the moral weapon too often wielded against my right to bodily autonomy, it’s so completely ingrained in the everyday language I use that removing it would be nearly impossible. It’s incredibly hard to carve out a ‘safe space’ where you’re not being bombarded by monotheistic imagery and language as an atheist in American culture even if nobody is directly preaching to you (though admittedly it’s hard to carve out a safe space as a member of any religion that isn’t Christian in American culture) and that doesn’t feel like being respected. That feels like being ignored and then asked to be grateful for it and it’s easy to become very defensive and bitter about it.

 So when an atheist says your religion is dumb or god isn’t real, remember that that’s an atheist being angry. But when a theist says atheists are stupid sinners or god is the only way to a moral life, that’s reinforcing exactly what atheists see and hear every damn day and it’s got the weight of an entire culture behind it. Give ‘em a bit of a break if that’s hard to swallow.

(Also as a footnote: I absolutely respect your right to believe whatever you so choose because I respect you as a human being. I don’t have to, nor do I, respect what you choose to believe. There’s a fundamental difference between the two that people always seem to conveniently forget.)

Much as the religious may want to deny it, in modern society there is such a thing as religious privilege.

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While yes, this is true, it’s also a complete fantasy in the fucked up, illogical world.

While yes, this is true, it’s also a complete fantasy in the fucked up, illogical world.

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Muslim Americans are more likely to reject violence than other major religious groups in the United States, according to the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center.

See the full results here. Read the report here.

(2,482 respondents from Gallup surveys conducted in 2010)

Interestiinngg, takee a look followers. 

I’m pretty pissed at 43% of my fellow atheists. Sure, better than 3/5, but that’s still not good enough. All of those should be 0% except the dark green for every group.

Who ever believes killing these people is okay needs to serious re-evaluate their priorities. I don’t understand this. My best guess is that they’re fine with killing people who don’t believe the same thing as them.

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