That Seal Was Real

November 3, 2012 3:22 pm

A detailed Huffington Post review of Romney’s budget proposals from his first year in office, however, reveals that he advocated deep cuts to programs serving the state’s most vulnerable — even when those cuts had little effect on the state’s fiscal position. Romney’s aggressive reductions to social programs did not earn support across the aisle. The state legislature ended up overriding more than 115 Romney vetoes in his first year as governor.

“There was no magic in the Romney approach,” recalled former Democratic state Rep. Dan Bosley. It was “cut as many social programs as you can.” Bosley added: “If we didn’t override every one of his vetoes, we overrode most of his vetoes. … There wasn’t a bipartisan effort to run government.”


Mitt Romney Massachusetts Budget Targeted Programs For Poor, Disabled (via huffingtonpost)

When people say “well Romney balanced the budget in his state!!!”, remind them how he did it.

(via stfuconservatives)

(via stfuconservatives)

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"Mitt Romney has nothing really coherent or substantive to say about domestic policy, but at least he can sound energetic and confident about it. On foreign policy, the subject of Monday night’s final presidential debate, he had little coherent to say and often sounded completely lost. That’s because he has no original ideas of substance on most world issues, including Syria, Iran and Afghanistan."

The New York Times on the final presidential debate (via barackobama)
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I honestly can’t understand how any woman in her right mind can support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Don’t you mean any person? Anywhere? Ever?

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Cenk Uygur proves that Romney’s tax plan (as explained by him on 60 Minutes) is complete and utter crap with the power of MATH.

Romney said he wasn’t going to give the wealthy any new tax breaks. SURPRISE, it doesn’t make mathematical sense and was a total lie.

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Kansas Goes Birther: State Board Considers Removing Obama From Ballot


Goddammit, Kansas:

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, an informal advisor to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, said on Thursday he and his fellow members of a state board were considering removing President Barack Obama from the Kansas ballot this November.

Kobach is part of the State Objections Board along with Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, all Republicans. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that on Thursday the board agreed consider whether to take Obama off the ballot because they said they lacked sufficient evidence about his birth certificate.

Go hang out with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, bros. Obama’s birth certificate is online, and it’s even printed on a handy mug that you guys could keep in the office. Every time you sip your coffee, you can be reminded just how backwards your theories truly are.

Otherwise, kindly GTFO. 

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In case you missed all the excitement this weekend: Meet Paul Ryan, who is actually the worst.


In case you missed all the excitement this weekend: Meet Paul Ryan, who is actually the worst.

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