That Seal Was Real

August 22, 2012 8:22 pm

So how about a life update?

  • I met with my advisor today. Turns out that my prize for taking up two, thirty-six credit majors and failing or withdrawing from the equivalent of an entire semester’s worth of classes over the course of my illustrious academic career is that I get to spend an extra year at this fine institution of higher learning. I guess that’s an extra year I can put off being a real person.
  • I’m really seriously considering this becoming a lawyer thing.
  • I finally got a hold of my lawyer the other day and turns out that after neither of the background checks I ordered and paid for showed up, he ordered one. Which didn’t show up either. So he talked to the person at the DA’s office who’s in charge of expungements and explained this fuckery to her and apparently she said she’d ignore that requirement so long as her search proves I haven’t killed anyone or anything. So my record should finally be clear in about three to five months. This was supposed to be done by February mind you.
  • I was broken up with today.
  • Living with Kendrew and (essentially) Brigitte is pretty rad.
  • We’ve begun the hunt for Chelsea.
  • Anev and I are planning a Kickstarter campaign to fund our habit of existing.
  • Once I get the money, I think I’m going to buy a new keyboard for my laptop; this sticky one is getting real old.
  • No one played my superhero guessing game. Losers.
  • Penises are now referred to as “soul straws.”
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