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"If 99% of America showed up to vote, it wouldn’t matter what the 1% wanted."

The Nation‘s Ari Berman has been documenting the “The GOP’s War On Voting” since the summer of last year and done a heroic job of making people aware of the issue. Recently he’s gotten some help from the federal courts and Sarah Silverman. But the fight to keep Democrats from voting continues despite the real evidence that Republicans are the ones who tend to engage in significant voter fraud.

Here are seven things Ari Berman thinks you need to know about the GOP’s voter suppression efforts adapted from this interview:

1. There is no evidence of voter fraud that a voter ID law would stop.
2. A significant percentage of Americans — about 10 percent –don’t have these IDs and don’t have access to the underlying documents needed to get the IDs.
3. These laws are a politically motivated attempt by Republicans to shape an electorate in their own favor before anyone has even cast a ballot.
4. These laws are expensive to implement, costing millions of dollars, and that money would be better spent elsewhere.
5. These laws will create confusion and long lines at polling places, which will negatively impact a large number of voters who have valid ID.
6. Voting, unlike buying Sudafed or flying on a plane, is a constitutionally protected right that people have died for in this country and is something we shouldn’t restrict without a significant and compelling reason to do so.
7. We should be making it easier, not harder, for all eligible voters in this country to cast a ballot.

What can you do to help? Let someone know right now how easy it is to register at or volunteer to register off the Internet, if you can still find such a place.

Seven Things You Need To Know About The GOP War On Voting | Eclectablog

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September 26, 2012 1:42 am

Fraudulent Registration Website Making Its Way Across The Internet



The website has been described as a “fraudulent registration website” by the Louisiana Secretary of State.  It collects more information than may be required by states, and its privacy policy allows it to distribute voter information to third parties for marketing and advertising purposes.  This website has been linked to on such pages as Yahoo Questions,, Facebook, the online classifieds website Craigslist, and the news aggregator website Reddit, among others.

Voters are strongly recommended to obtain registration materials only through their state or local election officials or other reliable sources with strong privacy policies.  Voters can reach one of these sources through the Election Protection coalition website,, by clicking on the “Register to Vote” link.

source and additional information

Well, damn.

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What’s Easier in Pennsylvania? Shoot A Gun or Vote?

Dear state law-makers,


What’s Easier in Pennsylvania? Shoot A Gun or Vote?

Dear state law-makers,


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"Universal suffrage, the right to vote, is never safe, never secure, never complete. This election season will be one where money from a few will have enormous influence, while the votes of many are being eliminated, their voices effectively silenced. Unless people fight to dramatically expand voter participation, not just prevent the purges, our democracy is in serious danger."